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Victorian Calling Cards
Victorians loved keepsakes of all kinds, and some of their favorites were Calling Cards, given out at parties or when calling on friends. See some examples of antique calling cards, then make your own following our easy instructions.


Paper Dolls
Playing with paper dolls was a favorite past time of Victorian children. Our updated version allows you to click and drag the images. You can move the dolls, their clothes, and toys anywhere on the screen you want to place them. (Note: It's best played on a large screen.)

Lyda loves to dress up in her beautiful clothes and play with her dolls.

John has a dog named Ginger and teddy bear that go with him everywhere.


Once thought of as a game of chance, Victorians appreciated the skill involved in playing Darts, which was considered a sport shortly after the turn of the century.


Paper Doll images courtesy of
Paper Dolls For Little Ones